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It's a great place to hang out with friends, meet new ones, and listen to some awesome singing.

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Connection to the internet was easy, as was swannview link to android. Another great feature is the ability to remotely monitor via my smartphone and or any other external PC and also the ability to be alerted via email with any motion detection. Had a little difficulty setting up remote viewing using Swann Link but after a call to tech support who was very courteous and helpful. There is a setting in Gmail that had to get changed to get it to work. Nice feature of mobile app is the ability to playback video on phone when away from home.In 1965 the R16 Electric, an electric motor version of the R16 was introduced.Beaulieu is most famous for its cameras made for the Super 8 film format.Your friend’s video will be shown full-screen, and your own video in the smaller sub-screen, placed in the top left corner by default.You can drag the sub-screen and reposition it anywhere you like simply by tapping it.

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