Dating british glass backstamps

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1895 is a bit late for these larger metal mounted barrels.

If your looking to move it one I would suggest holding back.

A talented mining engineer Dmitry Ivanovich Vinogradov, who studied metallurgy at Freiberg, Saxony, invented the formula for the Russian porcelain works established in 1744.

The Aluminia Faience factory date its history to the year 1862 founded by August Schittt (1834 - 1863).

In 1868 Philip Schou took over the factory and moved the production to Frederiksberg.

The application of bold design and modern shapes during the Art Deco period expanded the output of the factory with extensive use of floral patterns and lustre used in the production of various items including pottery jugs, vases, rose bowls and ornaments.

The works name was adopted in the trade name ‘Royal Bradwell’ which was used extensively during this period. and continued manufacturing ranges under the Carlton Ware name.

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