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Some other factors that may adjust your time commitment: Yes.

You’ll have 2 weeks after the start of the course to determine if the program is right for you or not.

OCCULTISM, MAGIC SPELLS, MYSTICISM, RELIGION, SYMBOLISM Hoodoo in Theory and Practice by cat yronwode: an introduction to African-American rootwork Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic by cat yronwode: a materia magica of African-American conjure Lucky W Amulet Archive by cat yronwode: an online museum of worldwide talismans and charms Sacred Sex: essays and articles on tantra yoga, neo-tantra, karezza, sex magic, and sex worship Sacred Landscape: essays and articles on archaeoastronomy and sacred geometry Freemasonry for Women by cat yronwode: a history of mixed-gender Freemasonic lodges The Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive: captured internet text files on occult and spiritual topics Lucky Mojo Usenet FAQ Archive: FAQs and REFs for occult and magical usenet newsgroups Aleister Crowley Text Archive: a multitude of texts by an early 20th century occultist Lucky Mojo Magic Spells Archives: love spells, money spells, luck spells, protection spells, and more Free Love Spell Archive: love spells, attraction spells, sex magick, romance spells, and lust spells Free Money Spell Archive: money spells, prosperity spells, and wealth spells for job and business Free Protection Spell Archive: protection spells against witchcraft, jinxes, hexes, and the evil eye Free Gambling Luck Spell Archive: lucky gambling spells for the lottery, casinos, and races POPULAR CULTURE Hoodoo and Blues Lyrics: transcriptions of blues songs about African-American folk magic Ea Rh Ea D!

In addition, we recommend that you connect with our staff and classmates in the course Facebook group and on our bi-weekly live support calls.

The course is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 5, 2017. The only requirement is that you are a graduate or student of the IIN Health Coach Training Program.

Additional opportunities for publicity and exposure are not guaranteed but may include the chance to be featured in the IIN Blog, on the Launch Your Dream Book website, on a live webinar, or at a live conference.

Dream Books Company, LLC launched in 2008 with a dream of providing customers books with the highest standard of customer service.

Orders are usually shipped within one business day of cleared payment.

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