Dating tips well known person

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After all, dating a celebrity means you are by default an honorary mini-celebrity yourself!

Now, whether you appreciate it or not depends on whether you like a private or public life. You get to get under the skin of that enigmatic person you hear about in the papers, or watch in the television. You may be a non-conformist intellectual or a starry-eyed fan – though when you are dating a celebrity, there are some important things you need to watch out for – The Alter Ego – They may be ‘larger than life’ on the screen – though you need to understand – they are just human after all.

Plus, it would mean lots of late-night studio sessions crafting love songs...6. Twitter is the primary point of contact for fans and popstars. Don't tweet to your friends that you're so "freaking out" if he tweets you back.8. All those late-night rehearsals, long bus rides, and chill time on the bus and at the hotel is sure to lead to something! Maybe it's somewhere he goes bowling with friends, but it should be a place you can "run into him."10.

I sympathize with you wanting to be the only woman allowed to enjoy him, but in this case you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Think of it like this—he's all yours in private, and he is your envious arm candy in public—you can't stop the rest of the world from being attracted to him.

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Celebs are always on guard for groupies and tabloid tattlers, so you want to prove that you won't be the next girl to sell him out.2. Hey, it's shameless, but if you ask original, thoughtful questions that forge a bond between you and him, it might spark something! Wear something stylish and unique, but not too revealing. They feel safe and comfortable around people who can understand the unique plusses and minuses of being globally adored.

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