Libya dating marriage religions predating the bible

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The old Western maxim “Isn’t it every little girl’s dream to get married and have a big white wedding? Rather, it would bring an accusation of being politically incorrect.At least in the case of the Western girl, she doesn’t need to get married to have a relationship with a man or to live with one outside of holy wedlock.

In traditional North African society, family patriarchs ruled as absolute masters over their extended families, and in Libya the institution seems to have survived somewhat more tenaciously than elsewhere in the area.Western culture allows for love affairs, non-married sexual fulfilment and a freedom to design whichever living or family arrangement that suits you.So the mainly social purpose for a wedding doesn’t exist.He spoke on the sidelines of a camel and couscous feast that the people in this Tripoli suburb threw for several thousand young rebels, after slaughtering 10 camels.From a specially raised dais, speakers praised the young rebel fighters late into the evening. Relations between Libyan men and women — deeply distorted by the eccentric Libyan leader’s refusal to provide normal opportunities for Libya’s young people — have changed "100 percent" in the days since Qaddafi fell, the young rebel said.

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