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Increased production throughput and quality are key ingredients for profitability and customer satisfaction, whether in aerospace industries or consumer goods manufacturing.Our suite of solutions for the all-digital environment addresses long-standing challenges in data interoperability for both legacy and future products, systems, and platforms.” CADValidator functionality highlighted Model-Based Definition (MBD) enables the automation of 3D data capture and comparison capabilities.

The solution will enable high-quality and high-performance prototypes to create better final production parts.

The concentration index does not differ significantly for the three health status measures, and our results thus support the validity of the Wv D method.

Annalise Suzuki (right), Director of Technology and Engagement for Elysium, speaking with presenter Ram Pentakota of Adient, at Elysium’s first global summit on Model-Based Definition and validation.

“They absolutely must work from a unified digital model that conforms to the highest standards of accuracy for designing, machining and passing product information to stakeholders across their organizations.

“With the accelerating rise of automated work cells, we’re seeing a commensurate supporting investment by industry leaders who are concerned about ensuring that data quality doesn’t hold back the processing speeds offered by new technologies grounded in MBD.

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