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Q: How do you feel about race relations in this country? I want to help us get back to that point, I want to go out there and win baseball games in October. We’d eat dinner, we’d watch the Braves play every night. Q: Describe Derek Jeter’s home run off you in relief in your 2008 major league debut. He did his patented inside-out swing and it went over the right-field wall (chuckle), and I was like, “Wow. And to go to Vanderbilt, which is a very prestigious school for academics, and to have 10 hours of mandatory study hall every week and to have to study as much as I did for every single class, and then to be playing baseball in the SEC as well, fall ball was tough, and I think school was even tougher for me. She’s from Junction City, it’s probably an hour from Kansas City.

I think we are making strides to see everybody as equal. I work too hard, I put too much into this game to not be successful in October. This is a game I fell in love with when I was 2 years old watching the Braves play every night with my parents. I could associate myself with the color of my skin with him as well, that was always big for me. Q: Did being the first-overall draft pick, by the Rays in the 2007, put pressure on you? So the amount of money I make, or the expectations everybody else has for myself, that doesn’t affect the way I go about my business. It hasn’t happened that way in the first half, but I’m healthy, I feel good, and I’m ready to throw the baseball the way that I know that I can. To see the smiles that it puts on their faces, to be able to positively impact people’s lives, that’s what we’re here for.

One such speed dating service, Quick Date (run by Cupid.com), recently held a speed dating night at the Lala Lounge in Salinas. Twenty-two and single, with red hair, green eyes, slim build and comely visage, I don''t have trouble finding dates, but I saw my evening at the meat market as an opportunity to see what our area had to offer, to mingle with different guys than I normally would.

As we all know, racism is incredibly prevalent in all of Greek Life, except for the saints in multicultural fraternities and sororities which openly rush based on race. Ben is the owner and editor in chief of The Momus Online.

She added: “Every effort is made to help that individual understand the issue and they are given the opportunity to comply.” During their brief meeting with the media in a TMH conference room, the administrators repeatedly outlined the hospital’s by-laws.

They refused to address Webster’s case specifically, though.

It began in 1999 with a book by Harvard-educated Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, who decided the best way for Jewish singles to meet and get married was to get a group of singles all together in one room and rotate them among each other at seven-minute intervals, just long enough to get a quick taste; at the end of the round-robin, participants indicate which partners they''d like to meet again.

That''s the idea behind speed dating, a new trend in matchmaking that''s like thrift shopping for love.

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