Religions predating the bible

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While there is no single founder of Hinduism, no single sacred text and no single set of teachings, most Hindus believe in a supreme God, believe that the cycle of life is governed by karma and that the soul passes through many different lives, with each successive reincarnation depending upon the way the life before it was lived.

Founded more than 3,500 years ago in the Middle East, Judaism was established based on a covenant between God and the Jewish people.

Christianity was founded in the early first century, meaning that the religion is nearly 2,000 years old.

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God comes first, then God's Law comes to humanity, and only then can people be good.

As the original Abrahamic faith, Judaism traces its founding to the patriarch Abraham, who is also considered an important patriarch of Christianity and Islam.

Judaism teaches that there is only one God and the Jewish people seek to follow his laws. as a result of Siddhartha Gautama’s quest for enlightenment, Buddhism teaches that nothing is permanent and encourages followers to seek the path of enlightenment through morality, meditation and wisdom An ancient Indian religion, Jainism took its current form from the teachings of Mahavira, whose teachings are collected in the Agamas.

The partially-deciphered Ancient Hebrew text had seemed to contain a vision of the apocalypse as told by the Angel Gabriel.

A fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls which set the word talking when they were discovered 60 years ago.

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