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Brighton and Hove, though part of East Sussex, was created as a unitary authority in 1997, and as such, administers itself independently to the rest of East Sussex. In the south-west is the fertile and densely populated coastal plain.

North of this are the rolling chalk hills of the South Downs, beyond which is the well-wooded Sussex Weald.

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Byles ' Johore Bahru Capital of Johore State and Seat of the Sultan. Callaway in Command of the Trawler LAdy Shirley Presumed Lost ' ' Mr Donald Nelson Chairman of War Production Board in America ' ' Mr William S.

It has had a single police force since 1968 and its name is in common use in the media.It was not until the middle of the 19th century that cake as we know it today (made with extra refined white flour and baking powder instead of yeast) arrived on the scene. The Cassell's New Universal Cookery Book [London, 1894] contains a recipe for layer cake, American (p. Butter-cream frostings (using butter, cream, confectioners [powdered] sugar and flavorings) began replacing traditional boiled icings in first few decades 20th century.In France, Antonin Careme [1784-1833] is considered THE premier historic chef of the modern pastry/cake world. Far Below A Speeding Manchester, Smoke and Flames Belch upwards From the Naval Base At Brest ' wonderful double page "Painted By Our Special Artist C. Turner " in sepia style Attack and Counter Attack in the Desert: Eastern Libya Cleared of all The Axis Troops :- ' The English Advance in the Western Desert From December 9 1940 to February 1941 From the Egyptian Border to El Agheila ' ' View of a Bombardment - Probably Against Our Positions at Sollum ' ' Major Bach The Senior German Officer at Halfaya ' ' The Gulf of Sollum on the Libyan Egyptian Frontier: A German Aerial Photograph ' ' A View of Sollum ' An aerial view ' View of Sollum With Fort Cappuzo in the Background ' ' The German Italian Counter Offensive: A Map Taken From an Italian Paper and Used in Comparison with No 1 ' ' German Troops on the Hills at Sollum ' ' A Fortress in The Desert: A German Machine Gun Soldier in El Agheila Scans the Surrounding Country for British patrols ' ' The Head of the Emperor Lucius Verus ' ' A Bust of Jupiter Dating From the Fourth Century after Christ and The Bust After Restoration by Brozzi ' ' The 25 Pounder in Action - A British High Velocity Gun Howitzer Which Creates Havoc Among Panzers, in Action in Libya ' a wonderful full page "Drawn by Our Special Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau " in sepia style ' Swooping Low Over St Peter Port, Guernsey, Beauforts of the RAF Bomber Command Attack Enemy Ships at Mast Height ' ' Another View of St Peter Port Taken From One of the Raiding Planes and Showing Castle Pier and The Old Harbour ' Bay of Biscay ' A Bomb From an Adventurous Coastal Command Liberator Falls Alongside The Submarine Which Was Detected by The Crew ' Bay of Biscay - ' Supply Ship Seen Taking Avoiding Action ' ' The Liberator and Its Significant Donald Duck Emblem ' ' Further Afield The RAF Has Been Persistently Bombing Tripoli and Above are Seen Axis Troops Clearing Up Some of the Raid Wreckage ' Mr Churchill Returns Home Again: Bermuda to Plymouth by Air :- ' Mr Churchill With Mr Harry Hopkins, The Presidents Confidential Adviser, at the White House ' ' The Prime Minister Addressing The Legislature at the Bermuda House of Assembly ' ' At Bermuda - Mr Churchill and Lord Knollys at the British Airways Base ' ' The Flying Premier at the Controls of the Bermuda Bound Berwick ' ' The Enthusiastic Scene on the Prime Ministers Arrival in London ' ' Home Again: Mr Churchill With His Wife and His Daughter Diana ' ' Sir Archibald Clark Kerr Appointed Ambassador to the Soviet Union ' ' Sir Stafford Cripps Has Relinquished his post as Ambassador to Russia ' ' Gen Sir Alan F. It is the Likely Spy Glass Inn of Robert Louis Stevensoins Treasure Island ' ' St Bartholomew's Hospital and Christmas Steps ' ' The Heart of the Much Bombed City - St Stephens And University Towers - St Nicholas Gutted - All Saints - The Tower of St Mary le Port, The Church Destroyed ' These four wonderful drawings were by Dennis Flanders printed in sepia style ' The Goose Barnacle Lepas Anatifera ' ' Coronula Barnacle ' ' Thornycroft 40ft Seaplane Tender ' advert ' Jaguar Car ' Advert ' Miles Aircraft - The Miles Hawk Cirrus III ' Advert ' Moss Bross ' Advert ' Dunlopillo Sleeping Bag ' Advert ' Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky ' full page colour advert 'Books of the Day by Charles E. Van Anrooy an Officiall war Artist to the Netherlands Armed Forces, Showing Refineries and Storage Tanks ' ' Oil Wells and Refineries at Palembang Sumatra - the Japanese Captured This Important Oil Centre jon Feb 16 ' ' Warfare on Wheels: Mechanised and Mobile Units of the Modern British Army - In The Above Drawing are Shown Many Types of Mechanised Vehicles Used By The Various Military Units ' a wonderful double page pullout "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. Davis ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A wonderful panoramic pullout "A Supplement To The Illustrated London News " ' The Army of Today: A Panoramic Drawing Showing The Vast Organisation Required for an Expeditionary Force (With Full Air Support) Consisting of Only Two Army Corps, and Illustrating its Component Units, Lines of Communication and Supply ' this panorama was "Drawn by Our Special Artist Captain Bryan de Grineau Who Was With THe British Expeditionary Force in France". The Causeway to Singapore is Seen at the Foot of the Photograph ' ' Another View of Johore Causeway With The Penang Express Passing Along, Singapore Being Its Southern Terminus ' ' Japans Thrust Towards Singapore: The Terrain in South Malaya - The Scene of Desperate Fighting and Continuous Retreats in Malayha as the Japanese Thrust Back The Hard Pressed Imperial Forces : A Relief Map of Johore State and Singapore Island ' Wonderful full page map "By courtesy of the Malayan Information Agency" with article beneath ' A March Past of a Polish Army Regiment in Russia ' ' Polish Artillery in Russia, Equipment Has Been Sent by the Allies ' ' Some of Poland's Cavalry Now Fighting With The Red Army ' ' General Sikorski With A Polish Womens Auxiliary Unit in Russia ' Winter in Russia - ' German Infantry Surrounded by Their Dread Enemy, General Winter ' Winter in Russia - ' The Shape of Worse Things to Come: German Soldiers in Kharkov ' Winter in Russia - ' Nature's Panzer Trap: Snow and Mire on the Road of Retreat ' ' Panzer Strafing From the Air: Russia's Answer to the Blitzkrieg - Low Flying Aircraft Which Have Mauled The Panzers in Russia, Methods of Attack Illustrated ' a full page sketch "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. Davis " ' The Invasion of Malaya By The Japanese: A Map Published in the American Weekly " Life " Which Astonishingly Foretold Every Monve on Singapore The Enemy Has Employed ' ' An American Prognostication of Japanese Naval and Air Strategical Lines of Attack, With Oil The Desideratum and Showing the Allies Probable Counter Strategy: This Diagram Map Appeared in the New York " Life " in June 1941 and Accurately Forecast The Enemy Plan ' Singapore Bombed By The Japanese: The First Air Raid Pictures :- ' Singapore Bombed by The Japs: Workmen Clearing Up Raid Debris ' ' The Wrecked Tower of a Heavily Bombed Building in Singapore ' ' Native Workmen Clearing Away Wreckage Caused By a Heavy Bomb ' ' One of the Victims Searching in the Ruins for His Lost Possessions ' ' Singapore Street Scene: Tamil Labourers at Work after A Raid ' ' Some of the Dwelling Houses Wrecked By The Japanese Bombers ' Gurkhas and Kukris - The Japanese Dread in the Malayan Jungle :- ' Men of the 9th Gurkha Regiment in the Malayan Jungle ' ' Gurkhas Making Their Way Cautiously Along a Torrid Jungle Stream ' ' The Kukri - 16 inches Long From Butt to Blade Tip, The Notches on the Blade are Used a s Sights When The Knife Is Thrown ' and sheath ' A Gurkha Officer Carrying Out an Inspection of His Mens Kukris ' The Importance of Java in the Pacific War: Its Chief Towns ' Bandoeng The Capital of Mid Preanger ' ' Surabaya The Commercial Capital of the Dutch East Indies and an Important Naval Base ' ' The Kali MAs ( Golden River ) Which Flows Through Surabaya ' ' Batavia ( Weltevreden ) The Capital of Java and of the Dutch East Indies - The Residential Section of the City ' ' Weltevreden Queen City of the East The Whole District is Like one Huge park ' Portable Landing fields For Aircraft: The US Marston Strip:- ' A Portable Aerodrome in the Making: American Engineers Laying Strips of Metal ' ' Twin Engined USA Bombers Taking Off From a Portable Landing Field Composed of the Marston Strip ' ' A Douglas Medium Bomber Coming to Rest on the Corrugated Metal Surface ' ' An Aerial View of One of the US Portable Landing Strips ' ' Famous British Aircraft: An Avro Manchester Pulverising the Dockyards at Brest - Bombs Gone! Knudsen of The US War Department Arms Programme ' The Bristol of Today - An Artist in the Much Bombed City of Historic Memories and Mediaeval Buildings :- ' Old Bristol: The Lovely Llandoger Tavern on the Quayside. Pycraft FZS' ' Heavily Armed Infantrymen of the Red Army Almost Invisible Against The Snow in their Whit e Camouflage Make a Silent Approach to a German Position ' ' Results of Germanys Clothing Appeal: Two German Soldiers Wearing a Czechoslovakian Overall and With Scarves Wound Round His Hed and (right) A Kind of Fur Trimmed Pinafore ' ' A Party of red Army Guards, With Tank Support, Go Into Action ' ' A detachment of White Clad Soviet Ski Troops Armed With Automatic Rifles, Receive Final Instructions Before Going into Action ' ' A Group of Red Army Scouts Moving Forward Through The Snow on Light Trackdriven Vehicles ' ' Behind The German Lines: Russian Paratroops, Equipped with Skis And Tommy Guns are Seen Preparing to Blow up a Railway Track ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Macassar, Celebes - The Main Square, showing the Parish Church, The Dutch Garrison Destroyed All Military Installations Before The Japanese Landed ' ' Pontianak in Borneo - This Town Fell into Japanes Hands on January 31 and It Is Thought That They Uses it as A Base to Attack Palembang ' ' Manuscripts of the World Famous Russian Composer, Tchaikovsky Used by the Germans For Heating a Motor Cycle Garage ' ' ANother Mark of the Beast: The Borodino Museum Now a Blackened And Gutted Ruin Following its Burning by The Germans ' ' Sub Lieutenant Edgar Lee One of the Only Five Survivors of the Six Swordfishes Which Were Destroyed in the Channel Action ' ' Where Tolstoy Wrote war and Peace - The Room was Converted into a Barrack Room Where Drunken Orgies Were Held Futher Evidenc of What May Be Expected From the "New Order"..' ' A World record in Shipbuilding: The Tanker " Sinclair " Undergoing Trials 100 days After Her Keel Was Laid Down ' ' Little Fishing Boats of the Little Yellow Men Tied up at Stevenston, Vancouver, after Canada's Declaration of War on Japan ' craft owned by Japanese fishermen ' AMerican General Lee Tanks of a Canadian Armoured Division (The Fort Garry Horse Brought up to Date) During Exercises at a Training Camp "Somewhere in England" ' ' Two Men Aboard a Raft Which Had Been Adrift for Thirty Days, Rescued By a Trawler in the Atlantic ' a " Catalina " was sent to the rescue, and directed to th escene by the aircraft, a trawler took the two men on board ' Unconcious on His frail Craft: A Chinese Seaman Just Before His Rescue by the Canadian Minesweeper " Red Deer " 160 miles off Halifax ' A Map Showing the Relative Positions of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire to South America ' small ' The Island of Aruba: Small map ' ' Storage Tanks on Aruba Island - An Enemy Submarine Damaged the Refinery ' ' Curacao Oil Refining Centre in the Dutch West Indies - A Drawing by A.

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