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The NYBG's Azalea Garden provides an ideal opportunity for window shopping, offering ideas for choice cultivars and how to integrate them into your woodland landscape design.

Hostas are notorious for having split personalities, meaning they sometimes change color during the course of the season.

The imported definitions may be significantly out of date, and any more recent senses may be completely missing.

of moss, vaporous at sunrise and leading to a half-discerned bosquet of pine-trees (St Valery-sur-Somme); and of ballerinas gyrating in a haze of tulle at the barre in Dancers at Practice in the Foyer, both from about 1890.

A senior in Gorham High School, Moody was a property taxpayer and small business owner.

So how do you navigate the vast selection of these ubiquitous shade lovers to find a few outstanding specimens for your garden?

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There are terms for this type of color instability: a hosta that changes from yellow or white to green is called Hostas are often categorized by size, classified as dwarf, miniature, small, medium, large or giant.

Each category has a different height range (given in inches) and average leaf size (given in square inches).

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