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As a web site, it's a lethargically coded piece of shit, rivaled in shittiness only by Tag World; as a concept, it is a scourge on the entire human race and the epitome of Western insolence.If one had food poisoning and shat diarrhea followed by puking two days' worth of half-digested food on top of it, the result would be more pleasing to look at, easier to navigate, less annoying and more substantive than a typical My Space profile (especially since a puke shit mix doesn't autoplay shitty music as soon as you look at it).Wang mainly utilised his family's digital camcorder to film school projects in collaboration with classmates.The name Wong Fu is a nickname that Philip was given when he was in the seventh grade.They did not originally consider filmmaking as a career when they entered university; Chan explored an interest in animation, Fu had been a student in electrical engineering and Wang considered a career in economics.After approximately five years, Wong Fu Productions garnered 1 million subscribers in 2011.

According to Philip Wang, Wong Fu Productions was unofficially established in 2001 during his high school junior year at Northgate High School (Walnut Creek, California).

The trio met at the University of California, San Diego in 2004 and produced a number of music videos and short films released on their website and later You Tube before establishing a professional media company, Sketchbook Media, after their graduation.

Their works have been featured at a number of national and international film festivals, including the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, San Diego Asian Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.

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