What does ltr stand for in dating

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by Nine Breaker Most of what you have read in the Forums deals with "How to get women" and how to deal with the first few dates and the STR's.

But when it comes to an LTR, the forums leave something to be desired.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely my idea to leave, my friend led a helping hand dragging me up the stairs.

Then she sat me down in front of my computer and told me I was going to start dating again. Then she explained that I could find a guy without even having to leave my house and that it didn’t have to be so serious. In fact, she was right, I needed to find the rebound.

So, for all you experienced DJ's thinking about the next step up - this one is for you.

1 - The POINT of the LTR An LTR is a relationship between a guy and a girl that is based around strong mutual attraction on the physical, mental, and possibly even spiritual levels.

I know those people exist (of all genders and sexualities) I just wasn’t one of them.

There are a lot of slang terms and acronyms used on Craigslist.

After browsing through a number of listings, you’re almost guaranteed to come across a slang term or acronym that you don’t understand.

You may also want to be able to communicate with buyers or sellers easer.

We’re here to help you understand Craigslist slang with our ‘Craigslist Slang Dictionary’.

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